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Diamond Couple Promise Rings: A Practical Guide to selecting

A gift that will last for ever is a sign of a bond that will never break. How much do you really know about it? Here's all the information you'll need to make an informed purchase.

N.B. We have also included products from other companies to help you navigate and enjoy the most important times of your life. We would like to inform you that we could receive a percentage of the sales purchased through links on our site.

Before you even begin to think about the various aspects of your future wedding, it's important to take into consideration one thing. Partners will have to settle down and begin searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring for their better half, to amaze her like never before. What are the best way to proceed in choosing the right diamond engagement ring? Well, there are some things you should be aware of to understand not insignificant technical details, to make a sound decision for both the quality of the diamond as well as the setting. We will go over the meanings of different diamond engagement rings below.

Diamond Couple Jewelry Sets: main features

If you're planning to purchase an engagement ring made of diamonds, but aren't sure of what to look for in order to determine its value you must know the cut, color and purity of the stone. These aspects, also referred to as "4 Cs" - Cut Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat - determine the economic value of the various stones. You will also want to be aware of the other details of the diamond engagement ring. These include the setting and the bezel. The first, actually is available made of white gold, silver or yellow, pink, bicolor or platinum.

You might also want to be aware of where will the engagement ring be placed?

The bezel, in which the gem is set, can come in a variety of designs based on the shape of the diamond chosen (round oval, square or heart). It can also ...), be claw-shaped (with points) or have a smooth edge of metal that surrounds it. The carat is the unit of measurement for the diamond's size and weight. 0.20 grams equals a carat, while below is the term "hundredths" or "points". In proportion, the higher the weight of the diamond, the larger its size, and consequently its diameter. But how much does an engagement ring made of diamond cost? Naturally, prices vary based on the above characteristics, so be careful!

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Diamond engagement ring models

It can be difficult to find the many diamond engagement rings. Each one has distinct characteristics and their own meanings, always linked to love. Below is an overview of each.


Diamond solitaire engagement rings are a guarantee of eternal love. They are constructed from only one stone - the diamond - symbolizing one love and the promise of future spouses to stay forever. The most popular solitaire is made of white gold with a diamond set in the middle, just like this diamond solitaire in gold that was proposed by Bluespirit.


The Trilogy As you can easily figure out from the name is a ring made of gold and on which three diamonds are set. Its meaning is inextricably tied to love and the idea of the eternal bond. The three stones symbolize, in fact, the past (I loved you) as well as the present (I love you) and the future (I will always love you). The proposal of Bliss in white-gold is elegant and beautiful.


A promise of love for life. It is the veretta, also known as fedina or riviera it is a ring which diamonds of various sizes are set. Based on the number of diamonds, the design of the veretta can change, and it could be five seven, nine or up to the totality of the ring. The ring is also called Eternity or Riviera similar to the model suggested by Salvini.

If you're looking for the meaning of the ring with five diamonds actually means then here's the answer. The diamond ring symbolism is closely related to its circular design, that symbolizes infinity and, therefore, the eternity of a relationship you wish to last a lifetime. The same goes for the 7 diamond riviera ring meaning, symbol of an indissoluble bond.


Contrarie is identified by the intersection of the two stones in upper part as if they were forming an embrace. The two sides of the ring can be separated or joined but still form a distinct jewel. If you're searching for the meaning of the contrarie ring be aware that this incorporates the idea of the insolubility of a bond. The two stones symbolize the two partners who come together and remain.

Maintenance tips

Whether it's a large or small diamond ring it isn't a matter of concern, maintaining and taking care of it is vital. The first step is to avoid wearing the stunning engagement ring while using aggressive soaps, cosmetics or detergents. The best way to keep the ring is to wash it in hot water using a delicate soap and gently brushing it with a soft toothbrush.

For more extensive maintenance, to be performed every two years or so, it is essential to contact the experts, who will take care of applying the cleaning and rhodium plating techniques as well as verifying the setting of the diamonds.

Here's everything you should know about diamond engagement rings prior to the big purchase. Now that you know their significance and secrets all you have to do is choose the one that best represents your other spouse, their personality and their aesthetic preferences. Find your size with the ring sizer! Be sure to include the planning of your proposal. Are you seeking advice? Here are some innovative ways to gift the precious ring.


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