Requirements for Cards

HappyArt is looking for all those who would like to help in their communities to start making some cards! If you live in the Alameda District feel free to contact me if you would like to make so cards. With your help we can make cards to donate to multiple Senior Centers, and hospitals. If you don't live in this area that is fine. In fact, I challenge you to try making some cards for your community! Get a group of friends and start drawing! Make sure that you contact your local Senior Center or hospital first, to make sure they are ok with it.

Image by Olia Gozha

How to Make the Basic Card:

  1. First to start off, you will need cardstock paper, pens, and some pencils

  2. Make sure that the cardstock is a 5x6 piece of paper or half of a regular piece of printer paper

  3. On the outside add a design of your choice

  4. Inside: On the right side add a kind message, and on the left side add a quote, picture, game, riddle, or anything you can think of!

  5. Lastly make sure you say it is from you, an example of how to address: From-(Insert Your Name) HappyArt

  6. You can be as creative as you would like!


*Remember, you can make 3-4 different designs and print out the rest of the cards to save time, and you can also make a digital design for the front of the card

How We Will Deliver

First Option: At HappyArt, we know it is important to make sure we get the cards with the safest way possible. If you live in Alameda County, in California, you have the option of delivering the cards to us, when you contact us. Otherwise, we can also pick it up from your house! Again just contact me by email so we can exchange information. If you decide to go with the second option, we have a no-touch policy. This means that you can just leave the cards outside of your house and we will pick it up!

Second Option: If the first option is not possible for you, you can also chat with us or send us an email to find a suitable method of delivery for you.


Make your contribution to HappyArt today