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                    Youth Arts Movement

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 The Youth Arts Movement is a 501(c)3 non profit dedicated in uplifting youth voices through the arts. Visit our website at to register your club and submit to our gallery!

  Based in a community very much influenced in STEM, we saw the arts develop a stigma of instability and unintelligence. We’ve all been there: your poetry award or art prize never seemed to stack up against a robotics championship. YAM strives to close this gap between the STEM field and the arts, emphasizing the importance of both in our society today.

    YAM provides students with opportunities to elevate their artwork and their own voices. YAM competitions provides winners with scholarship prizes, applicants with connections, and communities with fundraisers and donations.

HappyArt was lucky to parter with YAM on their Art made Accessible drive, where we made 30 cards fo them.  


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